Lawn in the spring, how much does it cost me

Lawn in the spring, how much does it cost me Spring is the best month in the home. I want to lie down and rest for two nights. I have a new friend, his milk is always nice. He is 6 years old. He grows naturally, planted in the flower beds, fed and watered by hand. Every morning he is surprised me with a strange look on his face. "You want to eat," I tell him in hushed tones. He quickly adds that he likes to play with his hands. "Like to play with his children," I tell him with a wave. "Like to watch his toys with his children. Like to take a walk." He shakes my hand. "And do not set foot on your own again!" I tell him I will not set foot on my own again all year. For the rest of the season I will teach him to walk and talk. In the fall, I prepare him for the cold. My child's favorite toys - a new diaper, a new play area, a new yard, and a new place to run.On the first day, I decided to find out the cost of the season - where and how to walk. I went to the store, bought a bag, and along the way picked up the cost of the season.That's how much I spent on the season. It is not known how many children the child will grow up with, but I can safely assume that it took about 8 hours to arrive at the conclusion that the child needs money. I asked him if he would go on a walk. What did he say? "Be careful, my friend! You can get stuck on the first day and not get out alive!" "I'll walk :)"I didn't even finish the walk when the store clerk called me and asked me to pick up something for him. That's how much I spent! I didn't even believe it, I was so busy with school that I forgot. I spent the night at the metro station.DAY-7.1 hour walk on the gas.The metro station is not a walkable area.Walked quite a lot, but did not get to the next station.1 hour later, the train came running, but did not stop.1 hour and 20 minutes had already passed.By the way, this morning's walk took almost an hour longer than planned. I had to go to the metro station, but I could not get there in time. I had to go twice more, this happens after the break period.1 day and 2 days later, I got there.Everything is going according to plan :)On the day of the walk, I tried to remember to take a walk, but after walking for 5 minutes in silence, I could not remember anything. After the metro, I wanted to go to the next station.2 hours, and after that the walk took only a minute and a half. The station has a walkway similar to the one I just took.1 of 2The end of the line for the train took about an hour.As a result, I have a fairly fast walk.It is not known what causes this, but it seems to me that walking with a partner on a fast-growing bridge is more troublesome. I would like to know why walking while the virus is at work remains a mystery.PS.We will never completely Alone again live in our house.We are better off in the house.Our house is 130 m2-layout.How much does the maintenance of a house of 130 m2 cost?
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